Holiday Hair MakeupThose holiday events are right around the corner. Not only that, but holiday photo shoots are here now! It’s the perfect time to discuss that magical holiday look. What a fun time of year, celebrating with friends, family and coworkers. Adding a little magic to the celebration is always fun with special makeup and hair touches!

Hair extensions are the perfect way to add a little extra fun to your look. There are so many different styles of extensions to chose from. Want something temporary? A set of clip ins is the perfect accessory! Personally, I think every woman should have some clip ins in her glamour arsenal. They’re easy to apply and remove. They can even be added to an updo for some additional flare.

But are you feeling like you want to add something a little more permanent for the season? Then tape extensions are a fabulous choice! The hair lasts for about 6 months and needs maintenance every 6 weeks. They can be taken out and stored for events only, or used all the time. They’re perfect for fullness or length.

But wait! There is yet another option! Strand extensions are amazing! They are applied and require no maintenance. Strands are great for styling as they have 360 degree mobility, and will last without maintenance for about 4 months. It’s a wonderful option for a gal on the go!

Holiday hair is easy breezy with extensions. They hold curl quite well, and seriously, who doesn’t like waking up, rolling out of bed and looking fabulous? Whether you style your hair straight or curly, they’re perfect for the holidays. Add a beautiful braid, perhaps a sparkly barrette, you’re event ready!

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In the makeup department, there are so many styles to chose from. Whether you enjoy sporting a smokey eye, or something a bit more natural, a super refined glitter can dress things up for your holiday event. Don’t let the word ‘glitter’ scare you! These extremely refined products, properly placed, can make all the difference. A little glow on the cheek and your ready to celebrate the season.

For photos, airbrush makeup is perfect! Again, properly mixed and applied, the finish is flawless. The stay power can not be beat. Vanity Craft airbrush makeup applications are completely customized. Foundations are mixed for each client to insure a perfect color match!

A new and exciting feature at Vanity Craft are the new eGift Cards. It’s a perfect way to send some holiday cheer, or receive some! Believe me… Santa would want to know that with a click of a button he can make all your hair wishes come true!

I look forward to seeing you in the Vanity Craft Studio soon!
Happy Holidays!