Vanity Craft is a proud certified Great Lengths partner salon! Providing our guests with the very best in quality and service is something we take very seriously. We are excited to share and educate you in the magic of Great Lengths extensions and all they have to offer!

Great Lengths Salon Denver

Great Lengths started in London back in 1991, and is the global leader in the world of extremely high quality hair extensions. Great Lengths hair extensions are available worldwide in over 50 countries.

The Great Lengths concept originates from the textile industry taking inspiration from the heat transfer system. This system, which bonded fabric to fabric on a molecular level was an attractive idea for Great Lengths, who then started testing, and later adapting it to hair extensions. Creating and patenting a method that molecularly bonded extensions to natural hair became the goal. Ultimately, an extremely resistant but gentle attachment was created.

It’s just another secret to the success of Great Lengths hair extensions! These ground breaking methods of attachment, provide the connection between natural hair and hair extensions, and consist of a polymer quite similar to human hair keratin.

The positive effect: The bonds “move” with the hair. When they get wet (shampooing or swimming), bonds as well as natural hair and hair extensions expand. If hair dries the bonds contract again. This ensures an absolutely secure hold without damaging the texture of the natural hair at the bond.

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On another note, in addition to the bonding investments, Great Lengths has developed its brand by giving priority to quality. Great Lengths hair is, in fact, treated with the same sophisticated method as the textile, cashmere, and adopts it’s same concept of removing the pigments rather than breaking them up through the bleaching process which is certainly faster, less expensive but too aggressive.

The Great Lengths process of removing color pigments and redepositing color is advanced, patented technology unlike any other!

What feels even better than beautiful hair? Wearing the hair in good conscience!

As a supplier of real hair extensions, Great Lengths can guarantee hair meets the following quality criteria:

  • All strands were donated voluntarily and with the full consent of the
    person it comes from.
  • A fair and appropriate price was paid for the hair. A Great Lengths
    employee immediately takes the hair for it to carefully be sorted
    and selected for further processing.
  • Great Lengths means an exclusive, controlled production process
    from the first step to the last: from accepting the hair all the way
    to selling it, the in-house production ensures full traceability in
    producing the extensions.

Great Lengths’ extensions are only available in certified partner salons, such as Vanity Craft. Quality extensions not only depend on the quality of the strands, but also on the expertise of the hairdresser. This is the reason why Great Lengths only works with hairdressers that have developed their know-how in special classes. At Vanity Craft, a Great Lengths partner salon, we are hair extensions experts and are excited to guide you through your Great Lengths experience!

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