The mention of hair extensions, to many people, conjures up images of glamour girls in the pages of fashion magazines. Although looks like this are easily achievable with hair extensions, they are so much more! Need to even out a haircut gone wrong? Love your length but wish for more volume? Recovered from an illness and would like some length and volume back? Would like to play with fun colors without destroying your own hair? Well then, welcome to the world of hair extensions, the most incredible accessory, EVER!

Blonde Hair ExtensionsWhat do Hair Extensions Cost?

This, is by far, the most commonly asked question. Sadly, there is no blanket answer. Think about it, the size of everyone’s head is different, extension hair lengths are different, colors are different, and even extension styles are different! At Vanity Craft, customizing a look for a client is of the utmost importance! A one size fits all approach is not an option!

What to Remember Regarding Hair Extensions

You may have an idea in your mind about what kind of hair extension you want, but is it the best for your hair? It’s important to work with someone well versed in the art of hair extensions to guide you in what would work best for your hair type, and to also discuss the care of you hair extension investment and the maintenance involved. These points are very important and will impact the outcome of your experience.

What Types of Extensions are Available?

At Vanity Craft, we offer several types of extensions. All are remy hair extensions. The most popular extensions we carry are Hairtalk tape in extensions and also Keratip strand extensions. In addition, we also have iTip extensions, Plastic Tube extensions and Clip ins.

Clip In Extensions

A great initial start is clip ins. Clip in hair extensions can easily be put on and taken off. They’re a fun accessory for an event or evening out. Every woman should have them in her glamour arsenal. They can be added to up do’s and are great to have around for some extra hair fun!

Hairtalk Extensions

Hairtalk tape in extensions are the most gentle and are perfect for fine hair. These extensions require maintenance every 6 weeks plus or minus, depending on how fast your hair grows. The hair will last for approximately 6 months before a new set is necessary. They come in a wide assortment of colors and sizes, making a beautiful customized design achievable for our clients.

Keratip Extensions

Keratip Extensions are strands of hair with a keratin attachment. They are heavier than tape in extensions, so we don’t recommend them for fine hair. The attachment is melded into your own hair in small 1/4” sections. A full application can have several hundred pieces colors! These extensions have wonderful 360 degree movement, enabling them to be styled in just about any direction. In general, they last 4–6 months depending on care and how fast your hair grows. There is no maintenance involved.

Make an appointment today at Vanity Craft! There is so much to discuss in creating the perfect hair extensions design for you! Working with an experienced extensions artist is key. Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon!