Your search for the best hair extensions in Denver is over!  Vanity Craft specializes in hair extensions and will give you the look you have always dreamed of. Whether you want to have longer hair, fuller hair, disguise damaged hair or you just need to fill in some areas, we have a solution for you. We are Certified by hairtalk®, the leading 100% Remy hair tape in extension system, and by The Hair Shop®, an industry leader in Remy hair strand extensions. We offer a variety of hair extension types – keratip, tape in, clip-ins, i-tip and plastic tube. We only use Remy hair, so you can wash, blow dry and style just as you normally would. The difference will amaze you!

With countless options available, we will match your current hair color to the perfect extension color, or if you want a completely new look, we can modify your current hair color to any of the many shades available in your chosen extension type. Being knowledgeable about the different styles of hair extensions is very important in the decision process.  Hair extensions are an investment in you, and choosing the correct style for your hair type is of the utmost importance!  There are several styles available at Vanity Craft in Denver.

A medium to coarse texture hair is a perfect candidate for strand extensions. Strands come in different styles, such as i-Tips and Plastic Tubes but our most popular is Keratip. A Keratip extension is a strand of hair with a Keratin attachment on one end.  This attachment is melded into the client’s hair using a heat tool. Once the heat is applied, the strand is rolled and melded to the client’s hair.  This process is repeated with 1/4 squares of hair in a meticulous design.  An entire head can have 200-300 Keratip strand extensions!  It is an intense process and depending on the design, a full set of these extensions can take hours to apply. These hair extensions can last 4-6 months without maintenance, depending on care. If you’re looking for strand extensions in Denver, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a look at our most popular extension style, tape in hair extensions.  Tape in hair extensions are the most gentle of all hair extensions and are perfect for fine hair.  They lie very flat against the head and if applied properly should be absolutely undetectable!  The actual tape in hair extension lasts on average about 6 months, but they do require maintenance every 6 weeks. Here’s how they work, the tape in extension hair is attached to a tape band.  A small section of the client’s hair is ‘sandwiched’ between two tape in hair extension bands.  At Vanity Craft, we use a variety of band sizes to customize looks for our clients.  If you’re looking for the best tape in hair extensions in Denver, and appreciate the art of customized designs, Vanity Craft in Denver is the hair extensions studio for you!

If you’re looking for hair extensions in Denver that do not require maintenance or a long day in the chair, clip-in extensions are for you!  Clip-in hair extensions are wefts of hair with toupee clips attached to them.  These hair extensions can easily be clipped in to the clients own hair.  Creating a good base through teasing the clients own hair will help them to really hold.  At Vanity Craft, we can perfectly match your hair color for the clip-in hair extension of choice.  Yes, there are a couple clip-in hair extension styles to choose from, which is wonderful when customizing hair extension designs for our clients!

Thank you for including us in your hair extension search, as we know finding an artist that takes pride in their craft and cares about your hair is of the utmost importance.  Make an appointment and find out which hair extensions are right for you.  We look forward to seeing you at the Vanity Craft studio in Denver soon!

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