As I’ve said in the past, hair extensions are THE greatest accessory! In a matter of a couple hours, your look can change dramatically. Adding fullness or length is easily achievable with hair extensions. Plus, they’re so much fun!

Hair Extension Care So, you’ve taken the plunge into this fabulous world of glamour and now what? How do you care for your new found hair friends? How much washing can they handle? What about conditioner? These are all very important questions. Your new hair will appreciate the tender love and care you give it. So let’s take a look at proper care and maintenance.

Remember, your hair extensions are attached to YOUR hair! That being said, take extra care when brushing out your extensions. Hold your hair at the base while you brush out the ends. This will prevent unnecessary tension and pulling. Taking care of your own hair and not creating unnecessary stress is extremely important. Using a good quality brush for hair extensions is a must. Chose one that is designed specifically for extensions, or one that has a lot of give in the bristle. Do not use a stiff bristle brush! This will pull at the attachments, compromising them, and will also be painful! Ouch!

You’ve made a big investment. Do not cheap out on your products. By the time your hair has arrived in the Vanity Craft studio, it has gone through approximately 14 different processes for color and texture. Knowing this should prompt you to find the perfect products. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner work great. Be sure though, to keep the conditioner away from the attachments. This will compromise them, and more than likely, you’ll begin losing your new found hair friends! Using a conditioning masque on the tail of your hair extensions about every other week is a fantastic way to keep them looking their best! On a personal note, I also love using the Davines OI Oil on the ends of my extensions. Not only does it keep them looking great, it smells ridiculously amazing!

Hair Extension Care Since we’re on the topic of washing hair extensions, it’s really not necessary to wash them every day. In fact, there really is no need to, and it is just harder on the attachments if you do. Washing can be done every several days and even up to a week. If you like to wash only weekly, washing out the top of you hair in the sink works great to hold you over.

BE SURE TO DRY THE ATTACHMENTS! This is very important! Even if you are going to let the rest of the hair air dry. Attachments expand when wet, so drying them after washing is important. Keep intense heat away from the attachments and do not use any kind of iron on them. You’ll be doing yourself a great disservice if you do. Dry shampoo will also be your friend! My favorite is Davines Hair Refresher.

Certainly, after washing, styling is a bit more time-intensive, but it’s worth it! Hair extensions actually save you time in the long run since they tend to hold the style in a bit longer and the added volume helps the style to fall in place a little better. After the initial blow dry and style, you should be on your way for the rest of the week with just some touch ups to your hairstyle.

Learning to manage your hair extensions at first can take a minute, but in the end they’re a great time saver and so much fun! Changing things up has never been easier!

I look forward to seeing you in the Vanity Craft studio soon!