It is amazing how far the beauty industry has come and yet, nearly 100 years later, we continue with the same battle. There are thousands of makeup products to choose from and figuring out what goes where can be an overwhelming. Every young girl is watching YouTube videos for ‘how to’ tips and tricks and the young girls conducting makeup ‘instrustion’ are at the same time trying to figure it all out for themselves. Perhaps, taking a look at the past history of makeup for television and film can
explain how we got here.

Makeup LessonsThe Evolution of Corrective Makeup and Contouring

In 1947, Ern Westmore, son of the legendary makeup artist George Westmore wrote about the transition in film from silent movies to ’talkies’. The producers began looking for theater and radio personalities who could help with this transition for their films, as it was no longer based on looks alone. He wrote, “While some were photogenic, many were not, and this brought the development of a technique which became known as corrective make-up. The aim was to transform the commonplace features of many stage and radio actresses into the glamorous features so often seen on screen today. And it worked.”

Some Makeup Trends are Only Camera Worthy

As a makeup artist who has worked at every major studio in Hollywood, I can tell you, a lot of the ’trends’ we are seeing now on the street need to be utilized only for certain on camera situations! Some techniques can pass the street test, if done with great care and a soft handed application, but generally, they should be avoided! if not, brows will be raised as stated in this quote from Vogue Magazine in 1921. “Not so very long ago, the woman who frankly admitted that face powder was indispensable to her was apt to cause an elevation of conservative eyebrows; while she who went so far as to even be under the suspicion of using rouge was regarded as a person of considerably more than questionable taste. Nowadays, however, the situation is so changed that it has become very nearly imperative for every well-groomed woman to understand the right use, not only of powder, but rouge as well.”

Knowledge is Power, Especially When it Comes to Glamour

Understanding glamour’s illustrious past can help guide us in finding our own beautiful balance. A big boxy painted on eyebrow may not look quite right for running errands around town. Luckily, a professional makeup lesson is the perfect way to avoid some of these crazy modern glamour pitfalls! Learn about what you really have in your own makeup kit, proper placement, the importance of blending and understanding color choices! Having things charted out for you, and having you work on the application as well, will give you a better understanding of why experienced makeup artists do what they do. Having this knowledge will bring you more confidence. Plus, it’s fun!

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